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A collection of ballads by George Haslam baritone sax, with guests Steve Waterman trumpet and flugelhorn, Ruben Ferrero piano, Esmond Selwyn guitar, Dan Messore guitar and Steve Kershaw double bass. Thirteen solo and duo tracks.

A KISS TO BUILD A DREAM ON George Haslam & Ruben Ferrero
BLUE BOSSA George Haslam & Ruben Ferrero
I WON’T SEND ROSES George Haslam & Steve Kershaw
NAIMA Steve Waterman & Dan Messore
HOW INSENSITIVE George Haslam & Steve Kershaw
WHERE OR WHEN George Haslam & Steve Waterman
BODY AND SOUL Esmond Selwyn
I MAY BE WRONG George Haslam & Ruben Ferrero
I LOVES YOU PORGY Steve Waterman & Dan Messore
IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD George Haslam & Steve Waterman
STARDUST George Haslam & Ruben Ferrero


31/05/2014. Michael Steinman

There is nothing that saxophonist George Haslam, who celebrates the 25th anniversary of his SLAM imprint this year, can’t play and the ballad treatments of Words Unspoken find him conjuring shades of Carney and Mulligan, as well as referencing Ben Webster’s vibrato and post-tone breathing while, of course, filtering all through his own approach. This disc of duets and solos does not so much deconstruct the
ballad as present it in three dimensions, elucidating it from multiple instrumental angles. Contrast the two versions of “In a Sentimental Mood”: in guitarist Esmond Selwyn’s intimate rendition, harmony is king, even in the way he reemphasizes and transforms the melody’s harmonic implications each time it is stated; when Haslam and trumpeter Steve Waterman lay down their version of the same tune, it becomes a study in harmonic implication and resolution through
counterpoint. This sinewy and often elusive approach becomes especially interesting when each player solos as harmonic control is bandied about in a friendly game of tag. A somewhat similar path is taken when Haslam and bassist Steve Kershaw slide effortlessly through “I Won’t Send Roses”, but no such harmonic ambiguities cloud the horizon during “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” and “Blue Bossa”, both courtesy of Haslam and pianist Ruben Ferrero. Haslam’s penchant
for rhythmic freedom opens the tune, more blue than bossa, and the way the duo elongates bossa rhythm upon Ferrero’s lush entrance is both natural and thoroughly enjoyable

(Michael Steinman The New York City Jazz Record)

25/04/2014 Rotcod Zzaj

George Haslam – WORDS UNSPOKEN: Some splendid ballad work from George’s baritone sax, with guests Steve Waterman on trumpet/flugelhorn, Ruben Ferrero on piano, Esmond Selwyn on guitar, Dan Messore guitar and Steve Kershaw doing double bass. A beautiful slow-start on the opener, “A Kiss To Build A Dream On” is very satisfying indeed. The double bass intro on “I Won’t Send Roses” will be played over & over on your playlists… a definite laid-back groove. It was the 7:56 rendition of “Naima” that got my vote for favorite of the thirteen tunes offered up for your ongoing aural adventure, though… sweet is the best word I can think of to describe this! I give George & crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this one.

Get more information at the SLAM PRODUCTIONS website for this CD. Rotcod Zzaj.

01/11/2013. Vittorio Lo Conte

Il sassofonista baritono George Haslam è un musicista e produttore speciale, che non fa mistero di avere una predilezione per l´avanguardia, ma non dimentica quelli che sono i grandi standards, quelle canzoni conosciute da tutti e su cui i jazzisti amano improvvisare adeguandosi alla struttura di accordi. È così che fra un disco e l´altro produce qualcosa che è anche per quei palati sopraffini che cercano appunto la bellezza dell´esecuzione ed il grande standard. I brani che ci presenta sono registrati in giro per il mondo, in solo o in duo, per lo più c´è Haslam, ma ci sono dei brani in duo del trombettista Steve Waterman insieme al chitarrista Dan Messore, le imperdibili Naima e I Loves You Porgy, oppure In a Sentimental Mood eBody and Soul eseguite dalla chitarra solitaria diEsmond Selwyn. Altrove è George Haslam all´opera, in duo insieme al pianista argentino Ruben Ferrero, al chitarrista Dan Messore, al contrabbassista Steve Kershaw ed al trombettista Steve Waterman. Che sia un disco speciale lo si capisce fin dall´inizio, poi la musica prende il sopravvento e la bellezza dei brani e delle esecuzioni lascia senza parole. Qualcosa come Naima è una gemma da antologia, ma è certo che il resto e l´intero disco non passano inosservati all´ascolto.

Vittorio Lo Conte

16/09/2013. Bruce Lee Gallanter


Words Unspoken: Duets (Slam 329; UK) Personnel: George Haslam on bari sax, Steve Waterman on trumpet & flugel, Esmond Selwyn & Dan Messore on guitars, Ruben Ferrero on piano and Steve Kershaw on acoustic bass. Baritone sax and Slam label head, George Haslam, keeps busy playing in a variety of bands both in England as well as in South America where he visits and records on occasion. Haslam has recorded free music with Lol Coxhill, Borah Bergman and Paul Rutherford. He has also recorded more Straight jazz with Mal Waldron and some of those lesser known South American musicians. All of the thirteen songs here are relatively well-known standards. Mr. Haslam has a warm lovely tone on bari saxi plays these songs with elegance and grace. Guitarist Esmond Selwyn, trumpeter Steve Waterman and pianist Ruben Ferrero are also gifted jazz musicians who also play these old school gems superbly. Although I listen to so little straight jazz nowadays, I did find these performances to be most charming and inventive on a more restrained level. Highlights include “I Won’t Send Roses”, “How Insensitive” and “I Love You Porgy”.

Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG